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Emmy Award-winning technology

A composite alternative to the uncompressed digitised component D1, the D2 played an important role in the technological progress of film, television and broadcasting, garnering a Technical Emmy in 1989. Despite having a relatively short heyday due to new technology being introduced shortly after its release, it was widely used in the industry, meaning that enormous amounts of footage from that period is stored on the D2 format.

Nowadays, D2 is only used by a handful of broadcasters to access materials recorded during the format’s prime, and in a digital world, this just isn’t a workable, long-term solution.

Reconnect with your content

Instead of keeping your content on an unsustainable format, DAMsmart can transform this into a digital form that is accessible and distributable, perhaps allowing you to monetise formerly redundant footage for the first time in decades. Whether they are in excellent condition or in need of a bit of TLC, we always use best practice techniques to clean and refresh aging media. We can also deliver multiple digital file formats to suit your needs of production, preservation and access.

Why DAMsmart?


Put your trust in our track record. We are the most experienced video digitisation provider in Australia and a preferred digitisation supplier for the National Archives of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive. Our service is scalable, so whatever the size of your collection, we’ve got what it takes to help you bring your content into the modern era – we have digitised 30 videotapes for Curtin University Library, 30,000 tapes for SBS Television and 55,000 hours of content for the Australian Government. Take the guesswork out of choosing a company to digitise your media by opting for experience.

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