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At home or on the silver screen

The content stored on a videotape represents a story. Whether it is a part of a television or broadcasting archive or a cherished personal collection, no frame is without meaning. But as these videotape formats age, these stories are becoming increasingly unavailable and susceptible to damage.

Reconnect with your history

Digitisation can push your archival footage into the future. As the world continues to go digital, the equipment used to play these formats are no longer manufactured or supported and spare parts supply is disappearing at a rapid rate. However, we can digitise content from virtually any videotape, including Betacam, DVCPRO, U-matic, VHS, D-2, 1-inch, 2-inch, DVCAM, HDCAM, Video8 and more.

Why DAMsmart?

“SBS had a real need for detailed and professional digitisation expertise which DAMsmart were able to provide, this enabled us to deliver on all of our objectives in digitising over 30,000 tapes across multiple formats”

Bianca Baltalha Digitisation Project Team Lead & Coordinator Download Case Study

The right team and technology for the job

All of our video digitisation systems and workflows were developed in line with global best practice approaches. From our purpose-built equipment to the methods we use to clean, repair and conserve damaged or aging videotape, to the methodical maintenance of our videotape replay machines to the quality control of your digital archives, we are committed to recovering your content to the highest possible quality. Whether you have a single format tape archive or a collection that spans all formats, from one tape to 100,000, our service is scalable. We also deliver a range of digital files to address your needs for preservation, production and access.

Our unparalleled experience

DAMsmart is the most experienced video digitisation provider in Australia, and we are a preferred digitisation supplier for the National Archives of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive. We are happy working on any size of project too – we have digitised 30 videotapes for Curtin University Library, 30,000 tapes for SBS Television and 55,000 hours of content for the Australian Government. With our proven history of delivering successful video digitisation projects, you can trust us to digitise your valuable collection.

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