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Decades of footage

The 1-inch open reel videotape format represents over 20 years of broadcasting and production. First introduced in the 1970s, it was used extensively by TV stations all over the world and continued as their main mastering format for over two decades. Since newer formats took over and the world became digital, the footage on 1-inch tapes is in danger of being left inaccessible due to dwindling numbers of playback devices

Despite their age, these tapes still contain hours of quality content. But as one of the older formats, they are at a higher risk of tape degradation and wear, making the recovery and preservation of their footage all the more urgent.

Reviving the past

At DAMsmart, we are able to transfer your archival content to a digital form that you can access, share and monetise. Whether your tapes are pristinely preserved or weathered by time, we use best practice techniques to clean and refresh aging media, restoring it to its highest possible quality. Our digitisation workflows are built using best-practice methods and broadcast quality equipment, so we can ensure the quality of your digitised 1-inch content is never put at risk. Your newly-digitised collection can be delivered in multiple file formats to address your unique preservation, production and access needs, so you should never need to go back to your tape again.

Once digitised, the content from your 1-inch video collection will be ready to be put back to work and entertain generations to come.

Why DAMsmart?

“We digitised over 700 hours of 1-inch and 300 hours of 2-inch content and with exceptionally high rates of recovery for the National Archive of Singapore. In addition to digitisatoin, we successfully temporarily relocated the collection, over 25 pallets of media, between Singapore to Australia. The digital collection is now accessible and preserved to standards.”

Project: National Archive of Singapore

Reliable digitisation service

Your collection is valuable, and the last thing you want to do is jeopardise it by putting it in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Luckily, at DAMsmart, we are the most experienced video digitisation provider in Australia and a preferred digitisation supplier for the National Archives of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive. Our track record of digitising all kinds of collections speaks for itself – with many successful projects completed ranging from a few thousand to many tens of thousands of tapes.

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