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Making history a part of the future

Motion picture film was the first audiovisual format that enabled us to experience the magic of moving image. It allowed us to capture the early development of modern society and has been used to record and entertain us ever since. However, your ability to share and renew your collection is constrained by the physical nature of the format. Let us help you change that.

Digitising professional formats

Our team is ready to digitise your 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm or 35mm film archive, whatever the condition, and can deliver a range of file formats to address your access, production and/or preservation needs, including high-definition, 2K and 4K outputs. Whether you need a lossless JPEG2000 file as your preservation master, which is used by the likes of the NFSA and the NAA, XDCAMHD for production or an H.264 file so you can access the collection from your desktop, we can deliver you with a fit for purpose digital collection.

Why DAMsmart?

The Commonwealth Bank Archives contracted DAMsmart to digitise our early films. These films had been badly stored over the years and were in poor condition. DAMsmart managed to digitise the film very quickly at a reasonable cost and the results were very pleasing, far better than I expected considering the condition of the film. DAMsmart also presented us with preservation and access formats which is very useful. An extensive condition report for each item was also included in the cost which has proved to be very effective in the management of the original film. We will definitely continue with DAMsmart to digitise the rest of our A/V holdings.

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Specialists in archival film

High-quality digitisation is paramount. However, what is also important is how your film is prepared for digitisation. Our in-house team of experts apply as much care and attention to preparing your film as they do actually digitising. That’s the DAMsmart difference.

With years of experience cleaning, preparing and salvaging deteriorated film, we can deal with issues such as damaged reels, broken splices, “vinegar syndrome” or simple wear and tear. Our processes minimise the risk of damage to your film and give you the best chance to restore your content to peak visual quality.

Trust in our proven track record

DAMsmart’s film digitisation services have been used by many significant institutions, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Museum Victoria, the University of Wollongong and the Australian Government.

From one can of film to an entire archive, we can help you digitise your collection today so that it is accessible and ready for the future.

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