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Preserving the past

A generation of audio and musical history was recorded on cassette tapes, but as a storage medium they weren’t designed to last, and even the most securely stored magnetic tapes aren’t immune to decay. Along with the tape itself and the machines required to play it, decaying magnetic cassette tapes are vulnerable to fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field, meaning that they’ll inexorably decay, lose sound quality and eventually be wiped altogether.

The smart way to store your audio

DAMsmart offers a convenient, timely digitisation service that is designed to be as flexible as possible. We will thoroughly and accurately digitise any number of audio cassettes with our scalable service, as well as provide a variety of file formats to address your needs of preservation and access requirements.

Our digitisation systems and workflows have also all been developed and are operated as per the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives TC-04 standard for audio preservation, ensuring that your content is in the safest hands possible. Additionally, we use best practice techniques to clean and refresh damaged tapes, making sure you get a high-quality file you can then catalogue for release and potentially even monetise or store for as long as you need.

Why DAMsmart?

“In 2017, the Australian Museum engaged DAMsmart for two digitisation projects including both audio and audio-visual material across a variety of formats. DAMsmart provided a very personable service not only assisting us during the planning phase of both projects but keeping us informed of the progress of the project. Their professionalism and care were evident with what they could retrieve from badly deteriorated material. The projects were completed in a very timely manner and to budget. During both projects DAMsmart staff were professional, provided digitised material to acceptable digitisation standards and contextually helpful metadata.”

Patricia Egan Archivist | Engagement, Exhibitions and Cultural Connection at Australian Museum

Proven history digitising audio

We have digitised thousands of hours of audio for names as recognisable as the State Library of NSW, AIATSIS, The Australian War Memorial, Newcastle City Library, the City of Ryde Library and many more.

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