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A changing learning landscape

Schools, universities and colleges are harnessing the power of the digital world to create enriching experiences for students, staff, researchers and the public. These same institutions are the custodians of decades of historical educational materials, student works, research data and institutional heritage recorded on videotape, audio tape and film. That information is gathering dust on old tape and film media in faculties, libraries and archives, while the availability of machines capable of playing this content has disappeared.

The opportunities for repurposing this historical audiovisual material in the education sector have never been greater. However, it needs to be accessible in a digital format.

Knowledge ready to share

If you’re looking to transform your archive, DAMsmart’s professional services have been used extensively by the education sector to digitise a wide range of and film, video and audio formats.

Whether you are seeking to distribute a research collection captured on aging 16mm film, listen to a historical interview with a past chancellor or watch a production created by past students, we can help. From one videotape to 1000 films, we can deliver you a digital collection to suit the needs of your school or university. We provide you a safe set of hands that have proven experience working with unique and diverse audiovisual collections.

Your newly-digitised collection will be available for use in online research spaces, digital learning environments and ordinary classrooms. There’s no more wheeling in the old film projector – all you’ll need is a smartboard or a screen!

Why DAMsmart?

DAMsmart has provided digitisation services for University of Wollongong Library since 2010. Over this time we’ve been consistently pleased with the knowledge and attention of their staff, and by the quality of their final product. DAMsmart’s work contributes to the success of some key areas in our digitisation program, ensuring the long-term preservation of irreplacable heritage material.

Margie Jantti Director Library Services

Educated Experience

The content held in your physical archive has the power to make learning more dynamic and engaging, so you need to know that your collection is being digitised properly. DAMsmart has worked with educational institutions across the country including Sydney University, Scots College, Melbourne University, Moore College, Curtin University and many more.

If your institution is ready to move into the digital world, create new learning opportunities and make its historical content accessible to those who need it, contact DAMsmart today.

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