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Every library stores thousands of hours of media on dated film, video and audio formats. This content was preserved a reason: the enriching and often essential value of its information to those who wish to access it. However, this question of access is becoming increasingly difficult as the devices required to play back aging media becomes obsolete. If your library has a mouldering collection of Betamax tapes, for instance, it’s unlikely that most people looking to borrow them will have the device necessary to play them back.

No matter how well-preserved your collection, no physical format can truly stand the test of time in today’s digital world.

Increase flexibility

At DAMsmart, we want to help library collections survive into the modern era, allowing you to continue supplying the public with knowledge, information and entertainment as well as opening up new opportunities for you to monetise your catalogue.

If necessary, we can even clean and repair your content before digitising it, giving you the best possible results. Regardless of whether you’re a small, local library or a national treasure, we offer a scalable service and are therefore prepared to handle a collection of any size.

All of our digitisation workflows have been designed in line with global best practice, and we can deliver a wide range of digital formats to meet your needs of access and distribution, including standards-based formats such as Lossless JPEG2000 for your video preservation master.

Why DAMsmart?

“The State Library NSW engaged DAMsmart initially in 2014 for a pilot project digitising out at risk Oral History and Sound Recordings collection. DAMsmart not only demonstrated their excellent ability at professional standard digitisation for preservation but also where exceptional to work with. Due to the success of the pilot project the Library were pleased to engage DAMsmart for our mass digitisation project in 2015. This engagement required DAMsmart to digitise a large amount of collection material in a very short time frame. Not only did they effectively manage the high-risk project, they were excellent in demonstrating their abilities to meet our project reporting and risk management requirements they also produced an extremely low rate of errors, all of which were expected in this environment.

The high quality of services produced by DAMsmart in all areas of the relationship has given the library the confidence to continue to work with them. The team are professional and trusted, and I would recommend DAMsmart to anyone who is considering services of this nature.”

Scott Wajon Manager, Digitisation at State Library of NSW Download Case Study

Borrow us from the big names

Libraries are custodians of knowledge, and you can’t risk losing a single file. Thankfully, our experience proves that we are one of the most trusted names in the business, having worked with the State Library of NSW, Newcastle City Library, Fryer Library and the University of Queensland and Curtin University Library.

To bring your library into the modern world before it’s too late, contact DAMsmart today.

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