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Museums hold irreplaceable pieces of history which have been and always should be preserved so that different generations can connect with the past. With the digital era in full swing, a new age of preservation and distribution has dawned.

As media formats age, the content stored on them will continue to degrade and become inaccessible as machines required to play them back disappear from the market. Thankfully, today’s digital world allows museums to rescue their collections from this redundancy, all the while unlocking new possibilities for improving visitor experience and engagement.

Digitisation to suit your needs

There’s no better way to revitalise your vast collection of cultural and historical artefacts and get it out there in the world than through digitisation. However, museum collections tend to be fairly vast. At DAMsmart, we offer a complete, scalable service to suit your needs and timescale, and we can deliver in multiple file formats to suit your needs of production, preservation and access.

If necessary, we also have the resources, skill and experience to clean and repair damaged media before digitising it, giving you the highest quality results achievable. No matter what services you require, at the end of the digitisation process, you will have a standards-based collection ready for inclusion in your digital archive, ready to be widely distributed and monetised.

Why DAMsmart?

“In 2017, the Australian Museum engaged Damsmart for two digitisation projects including both audio and audio-visual material across a variety of formats. Damsmart provided a very personable service not only assisting us during the planning phase of both projects but keeping us informed of the progress of the project. Their professionalism and care were evident with what they could retrieve from badly deteriorated material. The projects were completed in a very timely manner and to budget. During both projects Damsmart staff were professional, provided digitised material to acceptable digitisation standards and contextually helpful metadata.”

Patricia Egan Archivist Engagement, Exhibitions and Cultural Connection

Handled with experience

With museum collections, mistakes can’t afford to be made, as collections contain fragile, invaluable and irreplaceable artefacts. DAMsmart are archival specialists with proven experience working in the museums sector, and we have a sophisticated understanding of your specific needs. We have worked with Museum Victoria, The Australian War Memorial, the Bradman Museum and many more.

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