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The first of its kind

First released for the broadcast television industry in 1956, the 2-inch quadruplex videotape laid the foundation upon which all other commercially successful analogue recording formats were built. Although inevitably replaced by more practical and lower-maintenance formats, all of which were eventually made redundant by the dominance of digital, 2-inch tapes contain some of the most precious content ever recorded.

Due to their age, 2-inch tapes are one of the most at-risk formats when it comes to losing hours of valuable footage, primarily due to the equipment becoming obsolete a long time ago. There is only a handful of working 2-inch machines left in the world.

Prepare your content for the future

DAMsmart can help you rescue this content from degradation and preserve it in a digital archive which is accessible, and will allow you to share it with previously unreachable audiences. Our service is scalable, so whether you hold a single 2-inch tape or hundreds of them, we offer a complete service that includes using best practice techniques to clean and refresh your content. Your newly-digitised archival footage can be delivered in multiple digital file formats, so whatever your production, preservation and accessibility needs, all is not lost!

Why DAMsmart?

“We digitised over 700 hours of 1-inch and 300 hours of 2-inch content and with exceptionally high rates of recovery for the National Archive of Singapore. In addition to digitisatoin, we successfully temporarily relocated the collection, over 25 pallets of media, between Singapore to Australia. The digital collection is now accessible and preserved to standards.”

Project: National Archive of Singapore

Experience you can trust

If you’re looking for a company with a strong track record, there is no match for DAMsmart. We are the most experienced video digitisation provider in Australia and a preferred digitisation supplier for the National Archives of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive. We have a proven history of delivering successful digitisation projects at every level, from 30 tapes for Curtin University Library to 30,000 tapes for SBS Television and 55,000 hours of content for the Australian Government. With DAMsmart, you know you’re putting your content in the safest possible hands.

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