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What we do

At DAMsmart, we convert a wide range of audiovisual formats into digital outputs. No matter what you want to preserve, we can give you the best possible digital copy in a range of digital formats that will last as long as the internet does.

We’re also archival specialists and we use traditional and modern preservation techniques to maximise the quality of the encoding process, allowing us to optimise the most damaged carriers. At the same time, our digitisation systems and workflows have been developed and are operated in line with international standards such as IASA’s TC-04, so you can rest assured our service will deliver professional results.

Videotape digitisation

For decades, videotapes were the beating heart of the broadcast and production industries, and were also introduced as consumer products. At DAMsmart, we can digitise a wide variety of video formats, including Betacam, U-matic, VHS and many more.

Whether it’s a small niche collection or decades of footage, we can bring it into the digital world for you, making sure it is available for future generations.

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Film digitisation

Film represents over a century of entertainment, innovation and collective memory. We can transform your film collection, whether it is 16mm or 35mm, into full HD (1080p) file formats, bringing vulnerable content back to life and making motion picture magic a reality once again.

We have an in-house team of archival film specialists with years of experience in preparing and restoring damaged film, so we have the skills to handle a wide range of potential deteriorations.

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Audio tape digitisation

Nothing captures history quite like sound does. Audio, whether recorded in radio archives, oral histories, research projects and more, represents the thought process of an individual or culture and is vital to remembering the past.

DAMsmart can digitise audio in line with the TC-04 standard from a number of formats, including ¼-inch reels, audio cassette tape, CD, vinyl and DAT, to make sure your audio content is not lost.

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