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Our Story

DAMsmart is Australia’s leading audiovisual digitisation service provider. We deliver to you a dedicated and crafted service to digitise and save your videotape, audio or film archive. It’s all we do – it’s our passion.

We set-up the business over ten years ago to make it possible for you, and any other collection owner, to safely and professionally digitise AV content, so you can make sure it is around for years to come. We are not a duplication, media storage or post-production facility that does a bit of digitisation on the side. Digitising collections of moving image and recorded sound for long-term preservation and access is all we do, every day. We are experts, and no other service provider in our region can demonstrate the same level of expertise or project success.

For us, there are two absolutely crucial elements that are needed to enable us to safeguard your content for the future: access to the right technology to perform the task and the expertise and knowledge to use it. DAMsmart has both.

Our technology

Part working museum and part digital laboratory, we use broadcast quality equipment to playback your media. To enable us to service virtually all your needs, we have a diligently maintained a collection of most playback equipment that is now rare due to the effects of technology obsolescence.

Our digitisation platform is designed to be scalable to support collections of any size. Using cutting-edge digital tools to capture and transform the content in a gentle, yet effective, digitisation process, your collection is never at risk.

Our team

Our team has years of experience and have worked together to provide first-class digitisation projects, making hundreds of thousands of hours of content accessible and usable. With professional backgrounds in the broadcast industry and working at leading preservation institutions, we have expertise and experience that can’t be matched.

The DAMsmart difference

For us, however, we believe it goes beyond the right technology and knowledge, it’s about truly caring about getting the very best result for you – that’s the DAMsmart difference – we are dedicated specialists. The team is actively involved in the audiovisual archiving community globally, where we play an active leadership role in the fight to preserve media collections. We contribute to a range of industry bodies and international archiving forums. We have presented papers and case studies at a range of International AV Archiving conferences, including IASA, SEAPAVAA and JTS. DAMsmart is a member of the IASA Technical Committee and is a lead developer of IASA TC-06 “Guidelines for the Preservation of Video Recordings”, which will become the global reference for Video Preservation, in much the same way IASA TC-04 has become the reference for Audio Preservation. At a grass roots level, we are a technology partner for the GLAM Peak project, where we share information about AV digitisation.


No matter the condition of the physical media brought to us, we are here to help you transform it into high-quality digital files; bringing it back from the dead, you could say. Working together, we can ensure the content in your collection, from one tape to hundreds of thousands, is digitised to the highest standard, so it will stand the test of time and is able to be enjoyed by generations to come; anywhere, anytime.

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