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Preserved for posterity

So many pieces of art or design rely on audiovisual elements to convey their power and meaning. However, in today’s digital world, this slice of history is at risk of being lost through both the degradation of the formats it is stored on and the unavailability of machines required to play it back.

While there’s nothing quite like the original, it’s not always practical to run old film, video or audio for sustained periods of time. Digitisation can transform the longevity of the content you display, and even help foster long-lasting professional relationships. This can open up new revenue streams for you and the artists you work with, as well as maximising public engagement with your collections.

New artistic horizons

Galleries are an ever-changing, diverse and complex environment. At DAMsmart, we offer a complete, scalable service to suit your needs and digitise a collection of any size. Our expertise is unparalleled too, allowing us to safely and professionally digitise almost any audiovisual format in line with global best practice.

Whether you just need a quick alternative display to replace a film under restoration or a full digitisation, DAMsmart can provide high-quality digital versions of any form of film, video or audio recording in a range of files to address your needs for preservation, production and access.

Why DAMsmart?

“We chose DAMsmart as our project partner as they delivered a credible and experienced digitisation solution with a proven track record delivering projects for national preservation organisations such as the National Library of Australia and the National Film and Sound Archive.”

Luke Marks Head of IT and Digital Imaging

Framed by experience

The content you display in your gallery is one of a kind, and mistakes cannot afford to be made during the digitisation process. With DAMsmart, you are putting your collection in expert hands and we have a sophisticated understanding of your unique needs, having worked with the National Gallery of Australia to digitise our national collection for the enjoyment of all.

To protect the future of your gallery and open up new possibilities with accessible content, digitise your content with DAMsmart.


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