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As the curtain comes down

35mm film was the industry standard for decades and many of the greatest works of film ever made have been preserved on it. But as the world is going digital, so to is the cinematic experience. The rapid conversion of almost all movie theatres to digital projection methods means that the vast stocks of existing movies and media stored on 35mm film are no longer compatible with the places where they could be shown. There are also very few labs that still develop film and there’s a limited availability of stock.

Digitising your 35mm film collection library could be vital if it’s to maintain its relevance.

Preserve the classics

At DAMsmart, we don’t want to see history lost to film decomposition– we want to help preserve and digitise your 35mm films for future generations to see. Whether your film is a master or a work print that has worked hard, our team use industry standard methods to clean your film, get it off cores and onto reels and repair splices, getting it in the best possible shape for the transfer. We use a scanner specifically designed to digitise archival film, with sprocketless transport that is laser-guided and a gate built to minimise the pressure on the film. Everything is designed to deliver you the best result.

We can deliver a variety of file formats to address your access, production and/or preservation needs. Whether you need a lossless JPEG2000HD file as your preservation master, XDCAMHD for production or an H.264.mp4 file so you can access the collection from your desktop, we can deliver you with a fit for purpose digital collection.

Why DAMsmart?

“DAMsmart has been providing services to Ronin films for many years. These services have always been provided in a timely fashion for a manageable price. But most importantly DAMsmart is outstanding for the specialised advice and guidance for which we have a critical need in the rapidly changing digital environment. In many cases Ronin is facing challenges of migrating films from older formats, whether film or tape or out-dated digital formats, and DAMsmart’s brilliant team has been invaluable in helping us to navigate our way through this minefield.

Our working relationship with DAMsmart is always constructive, positive, pleasant and thoroughly supportive. We are very happy clients!”

Dr Andrew Pike, OAM Managing Director, Ronin Films


You need to be certain that you’re putting your valuable film content in the safest possible hands. Thankfully, DAMsmart’s service has been used by some of the most recognisable names in Australia and across the world. We have digitised film for the National Gallery of Australia, Victorian College of the Arts, Wollongong University, Lutheran Film Archives and many more private and public sector organisations.

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