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The industry standard

Up until recently, Betacam was the workhorse of the broadcast and production industry. This means that a great deal of our television history and other valuable content is stored on this and other similar videotape formats. Now that the world has moved on to digital, accessing and saving this content is fast becoming an urgent concern for those that still have Betacam in their archives.

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The industry is no longer reliant on Betacam – or any tape-based recording format – as digital has become the new standard. Despite this shift, huge amounts of quality material still live on these outdated cassettes.

With DAMsmart, this can be transferred to a digital form that you can use to access, share and monetise. We clean, repair and digitise all varieties of Betacam tapes including Oxide, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, IMX and Digital Betacam. We pride ourselves on offering a complete service too – whether you have one tape or 100,000, our service is scalable.

The workflows we have developed for Betacam digitisation have been tested over thousands of hours of encoding. We use broadcast quality VTRs to ensure we get the best playback signal possible. And if you have thousands of Betacam tapes in your collection, we can also use robotic migration to make the process really efficient. Throughout the process of digitising your Betacam collection, we constantly monitor each step to ensure the very best results. Your newly-digitised collection can be delivered in multiple file formats to address all your needs whether that be preservation, broadcast, production or access.

Why DAMsmart?

“We digitised 21,000 hours of content across 40,000 individual Betacam cassettes for Radio Television Hong Kong. 30% of the collection had mould and other forms of deterioration. The project resulted in the creation and delivery of over 600,000 individual digital assets. 100% of the content was recovered from the collection, with over 10,000 tapes requiring significant intervention and cleaning due to mould infestation.”

Project: Radio Television Hong Kong

Trust the Professionals

We have digitised hundreds of thousands of hours and are trusted by some of Australia’s leading cultural and broadcast institutions to transform their archives. 50 tapes for PARADISEC, hundreds of tapes for Australia Zoo and thousands of tapes for SBS. With a proven track record for delivering the best possible digital outcomes, your can trust us to save your Betacam collection.

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