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A bank of ideas

Behind every business is a unique story of innovation and hard work. Firms preserve this not just to comply with law, but so that the information in it can be accessed, adapted and put to further use. Your corporate archive is not only a key means of information management; the ideas it contains help build brand awareness, and can be repurposed for the modern era too.

However, the formats on which your archival content was recorded weren’t designed to be preserved indefinitely, and will degrade over time until they eventually fail. Additionally, the machines required to access your information are becoming extinct. In today’s digital world, your archival content simply isn’t fit for purpose in physical form.

Prepare for the future

DAMsmart understand the importance of efficiency in a corporate environment. We offer a scalable service, so we are prepared to handle a collection of any size, and we are archival specialists who can safely and professionally digitise virtually any audiovisual format in line with global best practice.

As well as safely preserving your company’s heritage, digitisation can unlock new opportunities for customer engagement. The content in your newly-digitised collection can be used to promote brand awareness, be re-adapted for advertising purposes and generate previously untapped income avenues.

Why DAMsmart?

“The Commonwealth Bank Archives contracted DAMsmart to digitise our early films. These films had been badly stored over the years and were in poor condition. DAMsmart managed to digitise the film very quickly at a reasonable cost and the results were very pleasing, far better than I expected considering the condition of the film. DAMsmart also presented us with preservation and access formats which is very useful. An extensive condition report for each item was also included in the cost which has proved to be very effective in the management of the original film. We will definitely continue with DAMsmart to digitise the rest of our A/V holdings.”

Vivienne Larking Manager - Information and Archives

Trusted archival specialists

Your corporate archive comes with implications that other types of archiving does not. For this reason, you need to put your collection in good hands. At DAMsmart, we are archival specialists with proven experience working in your sector. We have worked with The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Australia Zoo, Albert Music, Channel Nine, Ronin Films and many more.

To protect the future of your corporate archive and open up new possibilities with accessible content, digitise your content with DAMsmart.

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