Saving Fiji’s AV history.

DAMsmart has been working with the Fijian Government to digitise the National Archive’s film and video collection, and to commission a Media Asset Management (MAM) system for the ongoing management of the newly created digital assets.

The Fijian National Archive collection comprises of in excess of 2,400 assets, including 16mm film, U-matic and Betacam SP videotapes. The project presented a variety of challenges primarily relating to the condition of the media.

The project has been a great success with the DAMsmart team returning the collection to Fiji in December 2013. Now the people of Fiji will soon be able to view a range of historical content that was previously inaccessible due to the legacy formats it resided on.

Towards the conclusion of the project the Archive visited DAMsmart with a film crew to document insights about the collection and the way we went about undertaking the project. They have published it online and can be seen at – happy viewing.