IASA publishes IASA-TC 05.

There is an ever-decreasing time window to complete the digitisation process for AV material before the small pool of equipment in operable condition required for the replay of traditional formats vanishes. Today, this window is estimated to be between 10 to 15 years, which makes the provision of optimal storage conditions imperative.

IASA-TC 05 describes the main recording principles of sound and audiovisual carriers – mechanical, magnetic, and optical – their components, physical and chemical stability, and their vulnerability. Handling and environmental influences are discussed and recommendations are given for proper storage. It contains vital information about extending the life of the physical carrier and ensuring responsible care for its integrity, and as such fills a critical need in the complete understanding of managing a collection of sound and audiovisual materials.

TC 05 brings together the extensive knowledge and expertise of Dietrich Schüller and Albrecht Häfner, and was actively reviewed and supplemented by the IASA Technical Committee. TC 05 provides information that complements and supports IASA’s guidelines on digitisation, and so ensures that the carriers are conserved in the best possible condition for eventual replay and digitisation. For more information: www.iasa-web.org