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An efficient digital future

The information held by government agencies is there to protect, inform and enable the effective delivery of services to citizens. But in a world that is increasingly populated and fast-paced, these agencies are being asked to deliver high-quality solutions at breakneck speed and often, with little increase in their budget.

In today’s digital environment, a physical collection threatens your ability to do this. The audiovisual formats on which essential information is stored are subject to degradation over time, and their content is becoming increasingly inaccessible as the relevant machines disappear from the market, losing you valuable time and money.

Secure and reliable

Government agencies have an unparalleled responsibility towards ordinary citizens to be up-to-date, functional and effectual. To this end, studies have estimated that digitisation could save government agencies trillions, all the while improving productivity and efficiency.

We offer a secure digitisation service that is scalable, allowing our team to bring our systems to you in a manner that’s convenient for your time and security requirements. If necessary, we are also able to clean and repair damaged media, ensuring the highest-possible quality of your content and we can deliver in multiple file formats to allow for maximum compatibility.

Why DAMsmart?

The necessary experience

Government information is sensitive and invaluable. Therefore, it is vital that it isn’t damaged or corrupted in any way during digitisation. At DAMsmart, we have already digitised content for the Australian government, as well as a number of internationally-recognised institutions, giving us an in-depth and sophisticated understanding of your requirements.

To protect the future of your information, digitise your content with DAMsmart.

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