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Safeguarding our heritage

The combined collections held by galleries, libraries, archives and museums hold over 100 million objects, all of which tell the story of our cultural heritage. However, only around 5% of this historic knowledge is on display at any one time, and only a quarter of it is available digitally. The rest of it is gathering dust, inaccessible to those that wish to access it.

Preserving the past is important, but as older media and devices become more and more obsolete, it is increasingly difficult to justify playing them back, given the damage that may be incurred.

New digital horizons

We provide authentic, high-fidelity digitisation of thousands of items, making sure that they are preserved for future generations. Digitisation allows the GLAM sector to rediscover, share and – crucially – monetise collections.

Our non-destructive services allow you to preserve and exhibit the sounds and sights of the past without worrying about wear and tear, and potentially shed new light on historical artefacts. At DAMsmart we’ve digitised thousands of hours of historically vital footage, preserving it for future generations to learn and understand the past. No matter the size of your collection, we offer a completely scalable service and can deliver in multiple file formats to suit your needs of preservation, production and access.

Why DAMsmart?

“In 2017, the Australian Museum engaged Damsmart for two digitisation projects including both audio and audio-visual material across a variety of formats. Damsmart provided a very personable service not only assisting us during the planning phase of both projects but keeping us informed of the progress of the project. Their professionalism and care were evident with what they could retrieve from badly deteriorated material. The projects were completed in a very timely manner and to budget. During both projects Damsmart staff were professional, provided digitised material to acceptable digitisation standards and contextually helpful metadata.”

Patricia Egan Archivist Engagement, Exhibitions and Cultural Connection

Educated experience

To truly unlock the potential that your collection has to transform visitor experience, you need a reliable, professional and experienced service. DAMsmart has worked with recognisable names across Australia’s GLAM sector, including the State Library of NSW, the National Gallery of Australia and Museum Victoria. We are also a preferred digitisation supplier to the National Archives and The National Film and Sound Archive.

If your gallery, library, archive or museum is ready to move into the digital world and create a new, accessible experience for your visitors, contact DAMsmart today.

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