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For broadcast and production companies worldwide, the challenges of working with obsolete formats are enormous. First, there’s the considerable time, expense and operational obstacles needed to move content on physical tape into a digital environment, along with the cost of storage and access itself. At the same time, decades of history are in danger of disappearing, lost on magnetic tape that can’t be viewed.

DAMsmart can help you change this by digitising your content so it is ready to be shared, saved and monetised. We do it with minimal impact on your internal resources too, so you can focus on getting the content to air.

Why DAMsmart?

“SBS had a real need for detailed and professional digitisation expertise which DAMsmart were able to provide, this enabled us to deliver on all of our objectives in digitising over 30,000 tapes across multiple formats”

Bianca Baltalha Digitisation Project Team Lead & Coordinator

Broadcast-ready digitisation

DAMsmart provides high quality digitisation services for a wide variety of formats and media types. Whether you want to transform your film, video or audio archive, we can deliver a solution to suit your budget and timescale. From your entire back catalogue to a single TV series, we can digitise content from 16 and 35mm film and virtually any videotape including Betacam, DVCPRO, U-matic, HDCAM, DVCAM, 2-inch and many more.

Speed and scale

Large-scale digitisation is complicated. Finding the best technology, overcoming configuration challenges, sourcing legacy equipment, testing workflows – the list goes on. With DAMsmart though, you’ll benefit from our extensive expertise and experience to fast track your film, video or audio digitisation project. This includes our range of specialist technologies configured to provide automated and semi-automated workflows that allows us to digitise thousands of hours a week. For you, that means we can scale up quickly to reduce your project timelines and deliver the most cost-effective service.

Even if your media is not in the best shape, all is not yet lost – there’s still a good chance we can recover all your content. We employ teams of in-house restoration and repair experts who use traditional and newly developed conservation techniques to maximise quality, providing a complete eyes-on approach to quality control during the encoding process and sophisticated file-based assessments for content post-digitisation.

Broadcast Experience

Over the years, we have done work for high profile broadcasters, including 30,000 tapes for SBS, 40,000 Betacam tapes for Radio Television Hong Kong and 5,000 tapes and films for Prime Media, lending our expertise to deliver commercially viable services that help improve efficiency and – crucially – lower costs.

To maximise opportunities for your entertainment content and open up new possibilities, digitise your content with DAMsmart. Contact us today!

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