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Preserve the past

Archives play a key role in protecting our past. As custodians of national or community history, you have a duty to preserve this information for future generations.

However, the audiovisual formats on which archival content was recorded weren’t built to last. Regardless of how ideal the conditions are in which your videotape, audiotape and film is stored, it will eventually fail. But far more concerning is the fact that you can no longer playback your content. As the information age goes digital your content is left inaccessible on physical obsolete formats.

The future of archiving

DAMsmart can safely and professionally digitise virtually any audio tape, videotape and motion picture film format. We don’t just transfer your content to a CD or hard drive and call it a day. We are archival specialists who understand the importance of quality, standards, and demonstrating strength and integrity of the preservation process.

Understanding the specific preservation needs of archives, our practices and processes have been developed in line with global best-practice. Our audio digitisation services comply with the guidelines set out in the IASA TC-04 standard. We deliver standards-based formats such as Lossless JPEG2000 for your video preservation master. We can also provide a range of other digital derivatives to meet your additional needs such as access and distribution.

At the end of our process, you will have a standards-based collection ready for inclusion in your digital archive.

Why DAMsmart?

“Over 20,000 magnetic tape were cleaned and digitised within a 5 month period. The process generated almost 500TB of preservation data. DAMsmart completed the project on time and on budget, with our recovery and quality assessment processes ensuring a 99.99% acceptance rate from the National Archives of Australia.”

Project for the National Archives of Australia

Trusted archival specialists

Your collection is valuable, which is why you need a partner you can trust. At DAMsmart, we are archival specialists with proven experience working in the sector. We have worked with the National Archives, State Records NSW, The National Film and Sound Archive, Lutheran Archive, Queensland State Archives, and many more.

To protect the future of your archive and open up new possibilities with accessible content, digitise your content with DAMsmart.

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